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As SETECH, we have been serving in Tokat Teknopark as of 2018 with our corporate identity and infrastructure. We are an information technology and consultancy company that closely follows developments in science, engineering and technology and uses these developments to provide R&D, product development and consultancy to its customers.

SETTECH is an integrated solution manufacturer that combines knowledge and experience in different disciplines, supports systems with services and products throughout their life cycles, and is powered by research and development activities.

We repeatedly transfer the knowledge and experience we have gained from our customers and our environment to the systems we have established and aim to improve them each time. It is not enough for us to keep the system running smoothly from a technical point of view; we always want to keep our customers competitive despite changes in their industry, market, and economic environment.

Our Skills

Mobile Apps 100%
Software Solutions 95%
Web Software Solutions 100%
Training and Consultancy 100%
Voice Analysis 95%
Artificial Intelligence 85%
Automation and Control Systems 90%
Network Solutions 80%

Our Clients